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Fall All Level Bootcamps 

Women's Beginner / All Level Outdoor Bootcamps

Completely Beginner Friendly bootcamps make fitness fun and intimidation free. Modifications are provided to make the class suitable for all and perfect for a fitness newbie. 

Classes are different every week in styles. With circuits, trainer led classes and the occasional game, you will improve strength, cardio and flexibility without the boredom! Classes are non-refundable so be sure to check your schedules before signup. 

May-October classes are outdoors in the fresh air!

Rain or shine (unless storm/downpour. In which case class would be rescheduled)


To sign-up you must first fill out a sign-up form below. From there you have 24 hours to secure your spot with a payment. Your spot is not secured until payment is made. The form expires after 24 hours if payment is not made. 


Payment can be made by e-transfer to or with Paypal (links below). HST has already been included in the price so no need to add it :)

I send out class intro's 1 week prior to class. I often end up in junk folders.

Be sure to add as a contact in your email or check junk folders. 

Once booked classes are non-refundable and cannot be switched as one off's

Any question's let me know. Looking forward to it!

7 week program
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5 week program (Port Hope)
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4 week program (Newcastle Strength)
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Thanks for signing up! This form is valid 24 hours until payment is made. A confirmation e-mail will be sent within 24 hours of secured payment :)

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